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Alternative Natural Lyme Disease Treatment Centers

The LongLife Medical facility, at the Arizona Lyme disease treatment center, offers another holistic option for those with chronic symptoms of Lyme disease. Their therapeutic strategy for addressing Lyme disease claims to factor in the physical, mental, and spiritual nature of a patient’s condition. The facility, based in Gilbert, Arizona, and serving patients from Phoenix, Tempe, and Scottsdale, also provides cancer treatment and therapy for a vast range of other conditions. Patients may travel from out of state to the treatment center and discounted accommodation is available through the clinic where necessary.

The clinic uses a blend of conventional and alternative therapies to treat patients with Lyme disease, including nutritional and homeopathic treatment for the condition. The founder of the Arizona Lyme disease treatment center is Dr.David Korn, a dentist and homeopathic doctor licenced to use low-dose chemotherapy. The doctor has nearly thirty years experience with alternative therapies and just under a decade of experience treating Lyme disease patients. The other main therapist at the clinic is a homeopath, Naya Choueri, who is also trained in basic acupuncture and Mora Allergy Therapy, thereby providing supportive treatments for Lyme disease patients alongside their antibiotics.

A Homeopathic Lyme Disease Treatment Center

The Natural Body Center in Bonita Springs, Florida, is another treatment center claiming to specialize in Lyme disease and appears to be a one-man operation run by Charlton Cook, a natural health consultant whose healing power is based on the idea of ‘God’s Natural Medicines’. This ‘healer’ uses homeopathic, Chinese, and Ayurvedic medicine to address Lyme disease patients’ conditions holistically although the website is careful to note that their claims have not been approved by the FDA and that they do not diagnose, treat, or provide medicines or drugs like a genuine medical treatment center. The Natural Body Center uses a unique, and unproven, technique based on the concept of Lyme disease nosodes, a speculative energy imprint of the Lyme disease bacteria. This concept bases therapy on teaching the immune system to recognize the bacteria in order to eradicate it and claims to offer a natural solution that will prevent patients from needing constant medication.

Patients should note that this Lyme disease treatment center is not run by a licenced medical doctor, cannot provide antibiotic therapy or any other medications requiring prescription, is unlikely to be covered by health insurance, and is a religious organization at heart with a rather alarming disclaimer by Cook stating that he wants patients to “understand if God decide [sic] to call you home there is no treatment on earth [sic] can keep you from going to be the Father (God) and Jesus (our savior) in Heaven. Dr. Cook is not responsible any outcome of his God’s Natural Medicine ( God’s Natural Modalities).” The organization’s website is littered with pseudoscience and the ‘Dr’ does not state which universities or educational institutions awarded his, numerous and varied, PhDs. Lyme disease patients may consider this health care consultant a last-resort but it is advisable to approach this kind of unproven therapy with caution. Lyme disease treatment centers run by actual medical doctors remain the better option for most patients.