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Irreführende Medical Device Marketer Forced to Pay Back Lyme Disease Kunden

avalon effect lyme disease quackery

If you bought this to treat your Lyme disease, you’re owed a refund!

A Texas businessman is being forced to pay back customers who bought a deceptively marketed ‘medical device’ that claimed to cure Lyme-Borreliose and fungal meningitis. Die Avalon Effect Inc. von Franklin, gezielt Patienten zwischen Oktober und November des vergangenen Jahres, auf der Höhe eines nationalen Ausbruch Pilzmeningitis gebunden an kontaminierten Steroid Medikamente. After making misleading claims about the ability of the Quantum Series Wellness Pack to cure this infection, Lyme disease and other medical conditions, Thomas Michael Haarlander now faces an influx of refund claims from angry patients.

The defendant was issued a warning in November but continued marketing the devices and it is believed that ten people in Texas bought these at $1000 jede einzelne. Die Avalon Effect Inc. were then sued by the Texas Attorney General. Speaking at the ruling, AG Bob Cooper said that “It is imperative that a company can show that claims used to market a product are true,” and that “This is especially true in this case because the claims were made during a time when Tennesseans were already frightened because of the fungal meningitis outbreak. It’s always a good idea to do some research on a product before buying a product or service touting instant or miracle cures or treatments.”

Haarlander’s company has been forced to stop making these misleading claims and to put $50,000 into escrow in order for customer refunds to be processed. Most of the Quacksalber peddling Lyme disease ‘cures’ are not as brazen as Haarlander and manage to avoid prosecution. In diesem Fall, obwohl, the law is protecting patients’ interests and the action will hopefully encourage patients to seek medical attention from those properly qualified to handle infectious diseases and serious health issues like Lyme disease. Those Lyme disease patients and others who were missold this product should contact the settlement administrator at (615) 370-0051 in order to obtain a refund.

– In Verbindung stehende Pfosten: Hydrophiler Medical Coatings.

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