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Tick-Repellent Verspieltes Zeile gestartet Kinder zu schützen

insect shield lyme disease tick repellent kids clothingThose who live in areas where Lyme disease is endemic might want to consider getting their kids kitted out with some tick-repellent playwear. The clothing company One Step Ahead has teamed up with Insect Shield Repellent Technology to launch a line of kids’ clothes that can help protect kids from summer bugs. So, if your kids are all too quick to roll in the grass and skip off down trails but you don’t want to douse them in DEET this could be a great option for spring and summer.

In-Built Tick-Repellent

The Bug Smarties Playwear line is available at the One Step Ahead website and features invisible EPA-registered Insect Shield technology that repels mosquitoes, ticks and other biting bugs such as ants, flies, chiggers and midges (no-see-ums). Insect Shield also produce picnic blankets with in-built tick repellent that are proving popular with those determined to make the most of the good weather while minimising their risk of being bitten by a tick.

The new line of clothing features headbands, tunics, leggings, long-sleeve hoodies, long-sleeve crewnecks, and roll-up pants, and the odourless repellent is bonded to the fabric’s fibres. This means that the clothing continues to be tick-repellent for up to 70 washes, or approximately the life of typical kids’ Kleidung. These items can be washed normally but shouldn’t be dry-cleaned as this can remove some of the active chemical and reduce its effectiveness.

How Does Insect Shield Work?

The insect-repellent qualities of Insect Shield garments and picnic blankets comes courtesy of permethrin, a man-made version of a chemical naturally found in chrysanthemums that repels a range of pests including ticks, Flöhe, mosquitoes and so on. By binding the permethrin into the fibres of the fabric this avoids the risk of accidental ingestion and means that kids are covered simply by wearing the clothing.

The EPA-approved Insect Shield technology is very safe, posing little to no risk of toxicity. Natürlich, appropriate Bug Smarties clothing still needs to be chosen, such as long pants for kids playing in tick infested areas, and head gear for those walking through brush where ticks may be hanging from taller shrubbery.

Perfect Kids Clothing for Camp Safety

Perfect for if you’re sending your kid to camp and can’t monitor their use of Zecken-Repellentien or check them daily for tick bites, the Bug Smarties clothing can help keep kids safe from the ticks that carry Lyme disease bacteria and West Nile Virus. Insect Shield is an approved vendor of the US Army and US Marine Corps, so if it’s good enough to keep soldiers safe it’s probably tough enough to keep ticks at bay in the playing fields this summer.

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