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LymeLight – A New High-Profile documentaire de la maladie de Lyme

angeli-vanlaanen-lyme diseaseIl ya un nouveau film de sensibilisation à la maladie de Lyme être projeté à travers le pays, dans l'espoir d'améliorer les efforts de prévention et de sauver les autres de l'expérience de Lyme. LymeLight is a 30-minute documentary film based on Angeli VanLaanen’s battle with Lyme disease. Lymediseaseguide.org has reported on VanLaanen’s struggle with the infection previously on the blog and the 27 year old professional freeskier is now working hard to inspire those suffering with symptoms.

The story of LymeLight deals with VanLaanen’s battle to understand the disease she believes she contracted when she was just ten years old. Her chronic health problems did not prevent her from becoming a successful athlete but being back on top of her health after a very late diagnosis of Lyme disease means she is now performing at an even higher level on the international skiing scene.

Celebrities Raising Awareness of Lyme Disease

High profile Lyme disease sufferers help to raise awareness of this increasingly common infection and VanLaanen has appeared on the covers of many top sporting publications and is well known in her field and beyond. She is an excellent spokesperson for Lyme awareness and an inspiration to those who have also suffered for many years without being diagnosed. VanLaanen had chronic sinus infections, évanouissements, dyslexia and fatigue and had myriad misdiagnoses along the way. Crippling pain and the need for excessive sleep back in 2009 finally led to her being diagnosed with Borreliosis, an infection spread by the bite of infected Black Legged ticks.

LymeLight – The Story Of Professional Freeskier Angeli VanLaanen Living With Lyme Disease à partir de NEU PRODUCTIONS sur Vimeo.

The producers of this new documentary, Meu Productions, hope that the raw story of this young athlete with Lyme disease will help educate people about the infection. Director John Roderick is aiming to increase awareness of “the challenges people face reclaiming their health.” This kind of film is not the usual fare of his production company who specialize in sporting and adventure films but there is plenty of action in this documentary as VanLaanen’s skiing and halfpipe prowess is demonstrated to great effect. She is now ranked 9th in the world on the AFP points list for the 2012-2013 season and is preparing for the Olympic Games in 2014.

LymeLight to Tour Schools

La new Lyme disease movie, LymeLight, will also be touring schools, with VanLaanen helping to raise awareness and reduce Lyme disease risks for kids and adults alike. She is also a spokesperson for the nonprofit organization, LymeLight Foundation, and anyone interested in promoting a screening of the film will likely get an enthusiastic reception from LymeLight.

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