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Lyme Disease Map

According to the CDC, 95% of Lyme disease cases in 2009 occurred in just twelve states in the US. These were:

CDC maps showing cases of Lyme disease have started including ‘probable’ cases where previous years only showed confirmed cases. This may help make more accurate assessments of incidence possible with subsequent improvements in estimating a patient’s risk of contracting Lyme disease.

On the following pages there are maps showing the distribution of ticks in the US and worldwide, maps detailing cases of Lyme disease over several years in the US and in the UK, and maps showing the incidence of Lyme disease in individual states in the US where information is available. There are also maps demonstrating a possible connection between Multiple Sclerosis and Lyme disease, along with spatial data on the prevalence of ticks in certain areas of Wisconsin. As reporting and tracking of Lyme disease cases improves across the world, and in the US in particular, more Lyme disease maps will be added to help improve assessments of risk when travelling, or residing, in specific regions.

Below is a Lyme Disease map provided by the CDC. According to this map the North Eastern and Southern U.S. have much higher density of reported Lyme disease cases than other areas of the United States.

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