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Lyme Disease Yeast Infections – Prevention and Treatment

lyme disease yeast infection treatmentPracticing good oral hygiene can help reduce the symptoms of oral thrush and prevent serious Lyme disease yeast infection during antibiotic treatment. A common practice is tongue-scraping and the use of mouthwash, along with a toothpaste containing an anti-fungal agent such as tea-tree oil or aloe vera. Read Dentures | Dentist In Anchorage, Ak | Alaska Dental Associates post for more tips. Avoiding fruit juices in the diet is also helpful to reduce the risks of feeding any bacterial overgrowth in the mouth. After clearing the mouth in this fashion it is wise to chew a probiotic gum or eat yoghurt with active bacterial cultures to repopulate the oral cavity with the right bacteria. Candida, and other undesirable yeasts and bacteria are opportunistic, meaning that they will aggressively grow and recover their populations faster than the beneficial bacteria unless checked.

Friendly Bacteria and Lyme Disease

Patients with a Lyme disease yeast infection are advised to consume unsweetened (plain) yoghurt containing active cultures such as L. acidophilus, L. rhamnosus, L. casei, and Bifidibacteria infantis. Soy or dairy-free probiotic yoghurts are available for those who are lactose intolerant, vegan, or allergic to dairy. Taking a probiotic capsule is also advisable, both during Lyme disease treatment and for a number of weeks following treatment to ensure a healthy repopulation of the gut with resident bacteria. These probiotics are easily affected by heat and acidity and should not, therefore, be taken with hot drinks or with meals. Taking probiotics on an empty stomach will usually increase the opportunities for the bacteria to travel to the intestines which is where they are of most benefit. A product containing 4-10 billion colony forming units (CFUs) should be considered a minimum when treating Lyme.

Anti-Fungals for Candidiasis

Vaginal thrush may be controlled with suppositories or anti-fungal creams like Monistat. Some patients find that the itchiness and irritation from vaginal thrush can be helped by applying cool live yoghurt to the area, or using it as a suppository. Where vaginal thrush continues it likely demonstrates an intestinal infection which is resupplying the candida with every bowel movement. Herbal anti-fungals such as Pau D’arco and/or Caprylic Acid are also often helpful in conjunction with probiotics, when taken orally, and foods such as ginger and garlic are naturally anti-fungal, with the latter also aiding immunity.

Prescription Medications for Thrush

Other medications used to treat Lyme disease yeast infections may include Nystatin powder, mixed with water, rinsed around the mouth and then swallowed. Prescription anti-fungals may include Diflucan , Lamisil, and Nizoral. Without treating an intestinal yeast infection, oral and/or vaginal candidiasis are unlikely to respond to isolated treatment themselves. The holistic methods needed to prevent or treat candidiasis remain problematic in terms of implementation, despite most doctors recognizing the potential for Lyme disease yeast infection when prescribing antibiotics.

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