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What is a Lyme Disease Zapper?

lyme disease zapperOne unorthodox therapy that patients may choose to use during their illness is the Lyme disease ‘zapper’, a device invented in 1993 by Hulda Clark (now deceased) and designed to ‘subtly energize the bloodstream’ in order to remove parasites, bacteria, and viruses.  There are many anecdotal reports of the success of a seemingly simple device using a limited output direct current delivered via contact pads to the skin.  However, despite the claims of numerous manufacturers, there are no credible scientific studies showing evidence of any effect from the zapper and the devices have not been approved by the FDA for any medical use. The zappers have names such as the Terminator, Super Zapper DeLuxe, RSG-4 Sweep Zapper, and Auto-Zap, and it is claimed that they can cure almost every disease including cancer of all kinds, HIV/AIDS, and infections such as Lyme disease.

Lyme Disease Zappers and Litigation

There have been a number of court cases involving Clark herself, and those marketing and selling these zappers to patients with chronic illnesses.  Clark claimed that all cancer was caused by parasitic infection, and that numerous patients had been cured of cancer, AIDS, and other illnesses using the zapper.  One Australian company continuing such claims (Raylight Pty Ltd) was prevented from advertising that its “Parasite Zapper” was effective against the AIDS virus, herpes, parasites, hepatitis, and even obesity (amongst other conditions) through its effect of passing an electric current through the blood.  Although other companies may not have been directly prosecuted it was hoped that the case would prove an example to others regarding such specious health claims and indulging in quackery.

Zapper Frequencies for Lyme Disease

A zapper is a battery operated DC pulse (positive offset) generator which is set to give an output amplitude of 5-10 Volts, and a frequency of 10Hz to 500KHz.  There are seemingly endless descriptions of the ‘correct’ frequency with which to kill certain parasites or bacteria, and the idea appears to be that each type of infectious agent has its own frequency which, when matched can immobilize or kill the parasite or bacteria and allow the body to rid itself of the infection.  The frequency cited for Borrelia burgdorferi, the Lyme disease bacteria, is 378.5 for the zapper, with the frequency on a RIFE machine given as 484, 864, 790, 690, 610.  There is no credible evidence to back up such claims for either machine however.  

How Long to Use a Zapper for

Another aspect to using the Lyme disease zapper is the idea that several sessions are needed in order to kill three ‘waves’ of infection: the first kills some viruses, bacteria, and parasites; the second kills other bacteria and viruses that emerge from these dead parasites; and the third, and final, treatment kills the bacteria and viruses that were infecting the secondary bacteria and viruses.  Again, there is no proof that this happens, or is even plausible in the human body using a Lyme disease zapper.

Fake Doctors and Lyme Disease Screening

Some manufacturers make machines which purport to be able to screen a patient for disease and create a program tailored to their particular infection with parasites, viral agents, and/or bacteria.  Those claiming to be medical practitioners and using such untested tools may be at risk of delaying a patient from undergoing proper diagnostic testing and receiving appropriate treatment for a condition such as Lyme disease.  Patients, naturally, have to take responsibility for seeking proper medical attention and are advised against this type of experimental screening when there are clear and effective guidelines for Lyme disease diagnosis and treatment.

Where a patient does consult with a practitioner using a Lyme disease zapper, but who is not a medically trained doctor, there is the risk that they would fail to recognize a serious symptom of bacterial infection or other issue and dismiss it as a ‘herx’ which they consider necessary for the treatment to work.  Any symptom change should be properly investigated by a qualified practitioner to reduce the risk of permanent damage and disability from something such as neuroborreliosis, Lyme arthritis, or even a misdiagnosis should atrioventricular heart block occur.  

Zappers for Fibromyalgia, CFS, and Lyme Disease

Some models and therapies using such zappers claim to be able to reduce inflammation, pain, and fatigue and be beneficial for conditions like fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, babesiosis, as well as Lyme disease.  Again, there is no proof of this, and yet the practice is becoming increasingly popular, along with Cyma therapy using sound-waves to address Lyme disease infections.  Lyme disease zappers may be fairly innocuous as alternative therapies go but could still compromise a patient’s health by delaying their receipt of proper treatment.

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