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Болезнь Лайма и болезни сердца – Признавая, Лайма Кардит

Избегание горячих точек с галькой уменьшает риск болезни Лайма и бегунов,,en,импульсные мониторы могут обеспечить раннее предупреждение о лаймовом кардите,,en,Длительное воспаление в сердце может вызвать постоянное повреждение ткани, однако продолжающиеся проблемы с сердцем могут возникнуть в результате болезни Лайма, независимо от того, лечились ли они или не лечили,,en,Другие формы кардита могут быть вызваны воздействием,,en,обеспечение современных медицинских специалистов,,en,Обучение СПП,,en,может предотвратить многие случаи такого характера,,en’ pulse monitors could provide an early Lyme Carditis alert!

Lyme carditis is a disease of the heart but early signs of heart problems are not often associated with an infection such as боррелиоза and so the condition can easily be overlooked. Carditis means inflammation of the heart, in comparison to cardiomegaly, which is enlargement of the heart; the former condition is generally acute whereas the latter usually takes some time to develop and is often a result of a circulatory issue causing the heart to grow in an effort to compensate for dysfunction elsewhere.

Лайма кардит is a heart problem that is usually fully treatable and leaves no lasting damage if caught early enough. Long-standing inflammation in the heart can cause permanent tissue damage however and ongoing heart problems may result from Lyme disease whether treated or untreated. Other forms of carditis can be cause by impact, ensuring medical professionals have up to date CPR training can prevent many cases of this nature.

How Do You Get Heart Disease with Lyme Disease Infection?

It is not necessarily the case that those with an existing heart condition will succumb to symptoms of Lyme disease centered on the heart; many experiencing Lyme disease heart problems have no prior cardiac dysfunction and no persistent problems after treatment for the infection. Однако, there is a danger that those who do already suffer from symptoms of heart disease, such as shortness of breath, боли в груди, усталость, and palpitations, could simply ignore these early signs of Lyme carditis or that their physician may dismiss them as part of their existing heart condition. Any symptom exacerbation, or the occurrence of new symptoms, should be brought to the attention of a qualified physician for assessment.

Symptoms of Lyme Carditis

As well as those symptoms of heart disease mentioned above, Lyme carditis symptoms can include faintness, пульсирует в шее, головокружение, dyspnea, обморок, and breathing difficulties when lying down or sleeping. Feverishness and other signs of infection may or may not be present and patients may recall a recent bout of a flu-like illness, a Болезнь Лайма сыпь, and also be experiencing other symptoms of Lyme disease such as arthritis in one or more large joints, таких как колени. The symptoms of Lyme carditis are caused by the bacterial infection compromising the electrical signalling in the heart, creating an abnormal heart rate which shows up on an electrocardiogram.

Testing for Lyme Disease Heart Problems

lyme disease heart disease lyme carditis atrioventricular heart block

An abnormal heart rhythm can indicate Lyme Carditis.

Patients with symptoms of heart disease will likely undergo a test to assess the electrical signalling of their heart and the regulation of their heart rate. This electocardiogram may show an atrioventricular heart block which means that the four chambers of the heart are not communicating correctly in order to manage the valves and the emptying and filling of the sections of the heart. The degree to which this pump process is disrupted can vary enormously between patients and some estimate that one in ten patients with Lyme disease has some sort of cardiovascular disruption due to the infection, although many are undiagnosed as physicians lack experience in recognizing the symptoms, particularly as heart disease is common in the general population. Волчанка may also result in symptoms such as atrioventricular block and can further confuse diagnosis.

Treating Heart Disease from Lyme Disease

Lyme carditis is the result of infection with Borrelia burgdorferi and so the treatment is a two to four week course of an antibiotic such as doxycycline. Serious cases of atrioventricular heart block can necessitate hospitalization, внутривенное введение антибиотиков, and even a pacemaker to provide temporary assistance in regulating the heart as the infection is fought. Around a third of patients with Lyme carditis require such a pacemaker although almost all of these have no need of the medical device after the Lyme disease infection has been eradicated. As many Lyme disease infections are thought to remain unrecognized and, поэтому, often untreated it is possible that fatal cases of Лайма кардит occur without anyone realizing, particularly in those with pre-existing heart disease. Autopsies may reveal the presence of bacteria in the heart tissue but it is difficult to surmise the contribution of such bacterial infection to the cause of death in some patients and so Lyme disease deaths from heart disease may be underreported. In any case, if medical staff is skillful enough or completed West Palm Beach CPR Classes, it is possible to prevent a fatal issue.

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  • Katie Swierenga Июнь 20, 2012, 4:40 часов

    I have been to my heart doctor many times and they do not even mention the words Lyme Disease. Eventhough here in west Michigan the stats are showing that the disease is becoming rampant, doctors here lend a deaf ear. I am a victim of Late Stage Cronic Lyme and thought I beat it but now it is back. I have had every type of cardiac arrythmia but doctors have put me on heart medication to control it. In spite of the medication I am still having arrythmias more often then I like. It is all about the “safe way out” for many doctors and not about the care of thier patients. Thank you for this article where I hope some people will be able to make thier doctors take heed.

  • Кэрол Декабрь 25, 2013, 8:36 в

    If only I have had Lyme Disease since 2005.
    I did all my own leg work from the beginning found
    the test. In Holland at the time. My GP treated me
    quite quickly with antibiotics. But the NHS test was
    useless. The GP and later infectious diseases doctor
    tried to issue doubt in my mind . I was covered in bites.
    A G3 mobile phone transmitter near my house appeared
    to be linked with the Tick bites . My GP and infectious diseases doctor
    seem not to take it seriously . Both scientists military are using Tick to carry Lyme
    Disease they microwave to kill preditors then dip in Lyme and spray.
    However some doctors try to use Rife and other simular machines to counteract
    this infection. They think they are safe. These machines mask rather
    Than cure the condition. They even use it without the patients consent .
    They can’t break the link and even lie they are using it. The FDA band the use
    of these machines. But he continuation of this law in application is some what
    Lax as it also applies to all of new technology in the fact it does not earth filter or

  • Кэрол Октябрь 27, 2015, 3:03 в

    The NHS completely ignore heart block long QT and regard it as benin.
    I’ve tried to raise my concerns with ECG distributors as the medical profession has it head in a
    Bucket. Therefore can’t see the problem. The distributors say they are not medically trained.
    So UK trained doctors have much less of an idea about Lyme Disease.
    They even remove the computer read outs and regard many of the heart symptoms as psychosomatic.
    It needs the manufactures of ECG/EKG machines to bring the subject up.
    As the antigen tests for Lyme are not as good as we would like.
    The UK test is only 41% or less according to the manufacture.
    But in real terms the CDC unit was closed in 2013 for not even getting that right
    They were using manual testing since the lab was set up in 1986 tell 2013.
    Labs from the 1980’s were being aultomated.
    Lastist news is that there are 35,000 UK suffers a year the government was saying
    2 к 3 thousand. The Mod are involved.

  • tom seagram Ноябрь 18, 2018, 11:31 в

    interesting info. I have lyme and just had an ablation any coments

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