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Does the Zapper Work and is it Safe?

lyme disease zapper safetyThe relative safety of zappers, compared to some other alternative therapies for Lyme disease, along with the fairly low cost of building or buying a zapper makes many patients eager to try the technique. Those with pacemakers, эпилепсией, and those who are беременная are advised against using the Lyme disease zapper by manufacturers, and all patients are recommended to consult with their physician first.

Some patients report a Jarisch-Herxheimer reaction to the treatment and take this as a sign of its efficacy, but this is neither essential to treatment of Lyme disease, or all that likely with such a device. Any alterations in symptoms involving flu-like illness, головные боли, or novel pain should lead a patient to seek medical attention in order to catch any exacerbation early and apply appropriate treatment. The literature provided by zapper manufacturers lists ‘strong headaches’ as a possible response to treatment but patients with необработанной болезни Лайма should also be aware that such a symptom can be a sign of neurological complications of Lyme disease and possible Lyme encephalopathy or even meningitis; medical attention should be sought immediately should such symptoms occur.

Not A Replacement for Proper Lyme Disease Treatment

Patients who do use a Lyme disease zapper can do so whilst on an antibiotic regime to cure Lyme disease and should not cease their prescribed medication for the alternative therapy. Antibiotics are thought to cure Lyme disease in 95% of cases and remain the treatment of choice. The concern with the seemingly innocuous and ineffectual zapper, as well as other herbal or ‘natural’ remedies for Lyme disease is that patients will cease their prescribed treatment and actually make it more difficult to cure Lyme disease afterwards, or suffer more profound effects of the illness.

Those selling the Lyme disease zappers often combine the therapy with colloidal silver, herbs such as wormwood, and even sound therapy using a computer program to ‘ready’ the body to rid itself of parasites and bacterial infection. Clark recommended using the zapper daily for a month, with some wearing it overnight or even continuously. Follow-up use was also advised in order to prevent recurrent infection. Clark conducted no clinical trials for the zapper, and her ‘medical’ degree was obtained via a ‘Doctor of Naturopathy’ 100-hr course at Clayton College of Natural Health, available for around $700 в 1985. A study oft quoted as proof of the zapper’s efficacy is the work of naturopath Michael Biamonte and was carried out in 1998. There is no trace of this study, which used the zapper to ‘cure’ HIV-positive patients, in medical journal databases. Although most patients using a Lyme disease zapper would continue their prescribed antibiotic therapy, some may turn to the zapper as an alternative rather than an add-on experimental technique.

The consequences of delaying appropriate Lyme disease treatment are potentially very severe and debilitating and, although not likely роковой, permanent disability (neurological and physical) may result. Those delaying treatment for cancer (such as Clark herself did prior to her death from multiple myeloma), or who cease taking prescribed anti-retroviral drugs for HIV/AIDS may suffer dire consequences however and such action is ardently discouraged.

Zapper Costs – Your Money, or Your Life

The Lyme disease zapper is considerable cheaper than the RIFE машин that many patients become intent on using. A zapper may cost from as little as $50 if the components are bought at a local hardware store and constructed at home, or as much as $250 if bought with extra zapper-plates, colloidal silver, or other adjunct therapies. Plans for building a zapper are available online and in Clark’s book, среди прочего,, but care should always be taken to have any homemade electrical device tested thoroughly before applying it to the body. The idea that low voltage electric current can energize the bloodstream and kill the Бактерий болезни Лайма has never been proven and patients should not cease conventional therapy to engage in this experimental technique.

Some patients applying the zapper to the skin have received burns, particularly if using the Болезнь Лайма пульт for long periods. It is suggested that patients place damp paper towel between the device and their skin to reduce the risk of skin irritation and burns. Those devices claiming to be suitable for long-term, or continuous, wear due to their harnessing of magnet therapy or crystal therapy may be no different from the cheaper models. Obtaining relief from any illness is considered extremely unlikely by conventional medical practitioners when using a device such as the Lyme disease zapper and patients, and their families, should be wary of those, who may be viewed as шарлатанам, turning a profit from such unproven therapies.

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